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DIGAREC Computerspiele-Podcast

Die Idee, einen Podcast über die Computerspielesammlung des DIGAREC (Digital Games
Research Center) zu produzieren, entstand im Seminar “Computerspielesammlung”, das im
WS 2017/2018 von Dr. Sebastian Möring im Studiengang Europäische Medienwissenschaft
(EMW) angeboten wurde.

Screen Images published!

We are enormously happy that our edited volume Screen Images. In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast has been published now in open access ( The book contains many inspiring chapters by fantastic authors as well as artworks from outstanding artists. I am personally very happy that the volume offers…

#4genderstudies and games

On the 18th of December every year, German academia organizes action on social media and through events and local formats in support of gender studies as a field of study. Increasingly attacked not only by those considered right-wing extremists but also by right-wing parties and…