The real virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery

Over the summer of 2020, the first “real virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery” was created, with the goal of presenting computer game photographic works by students of the study program “European Media Studies” at the University of Potsdam and the FH Potsdam from different semesters and the emerging research field of computer game photography. Already in the years prior, a virtual exhibition was developed at DIGAREC – Center for Computer Game Research, which could be entered on site at the Potsdam Day of Science, among other events. However, the Corona pandemic renewed the existing desire to design the gallery as a social space that could be accessed from different devices. With new tools such as the open source social VR platform “Mozilla Hubs”, the implementation of such an exhibition became possible. In addition to the exhibition itself, a virtual space was created that could be used in a variety of ways, such as for lectures, tours, or meetings. Unlike Zoom or other video conferencing tools, Mozilla Hubs allows “spatiality”: several groups can meet in the same virtual space and talk separately from each other, for example by switching to different rooms.

Eröffnung der Gallerie 2020

The exhibition was conceptualized and curated at DIGAREC – Center for Computer Game Research by Sebastian Möring and designed and implemented by Lars Pinkwart. For the Potsdam Day of Science 2021, a completely redesigned gallery and a special exhibition titled “Virtual Reality as Educational Technology” was presented in cooperation with the Department of Complex Multimedia Application Architectures.

Artworks by:

Aaron Richmond, Alexandra Günther, Barış Aydınlı, Celine Pilch, Christine Laqua, Daniel Latzel, David Gatidis, Dulguun Shirchinbal, Elise Kunze, Emily Hadrich, Fabian Brandtner, Finn Wittforth, Friederike Sophie Schulz, Hendrik Fischer, Jasmin Lehmann, Karoline Mushak, Laura Willikonsky, Lennart Mackies, Lisa Hein, Luzie Müller, Marian Billing, Marie-Lena Höftmann, Maurice Matthieu, Nadja Scherfy, Oliver Thurau, Philipp Röbke, Pia Zdila, Sandra Buttress, Sarah Töteberg, Stefanie Löbel, Till Schöneich, Ugur Yildirim.

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