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Thursday, November 5, 2009

15:15 Registration

16:00 Opening: Stephan Günzel (Potsdam)

16:30 Mark J.P. Wolf (Wisconsin): “Theorizing Navigable Space in Computer Games”

17:30 Panel Discussion with Mark J.P. Wolf, Gordon Calleja, Barry Atkins, Rune Klevjer

Friday, November 6, 2009

09:00 Registration

09:30 Opening: Dieter Mersch (Potsdam)

Chair: Mathias Fuchs (Salford)

10:00 Julian Kücklich (Berlin): “Seki. Ruledness and the Logical Structure of Game Space
Response: Gordon Calleja (Kopenhagen)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Martin Warnke (Lüneburg): “Logic as a Medium
Response: Rune Klevjer (Bergen)

12:30 Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath (Bremen) “The Logic of Play in Everyday Human-Computer Interaction
Response: Barry Atkins (Newport)

13:30 Lunch Break

14:30 Michael Nitsche (Atlanta) “Games as Structures for Mediated Performances”
Response: Gordon Calleja (Kopenhagen)

15:30 Rolf F. Nohr (Braunschweig) “Invisible Structures of Fluid Knowledge. Games as Cultural Techniques Between Common Sense and Specialized Knowledge”                                                                                                                             Response: Rune Klevjer (Bergen)

16:30 Coffee Break

17:00 Karin Wenz (Maastricht) “Narrative Logics of Digital Games
Response: Barry Atkins (Newport)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

09:30 Opening: Michael Liebe, Sebastian Möring (Potsdam)

Chair: Stephan Humer (Potsdam)

10:00 Serjosch Wiemer (Braunschweig): “Stimulus-Response or Resonating Interval? Notes on the Logic and Temporality of the Movement-Image in Music Games
Response: Gordon Calleja (Kopenhagen)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Jochen Venus (Siegen): “Simulation of Selfaction. On the Morphology of Remote-Controlled Role Playing
Response: Rune Klevjer (Bergen)

12:30 Mark Butler (Berlin): “On Reality and Simulation in an Extra-Moral Sense – The Playful Logic of Life and Death in Liberty City
Response: Barry Atkins (Newport)

13:30 Coffee Break

14:00 Final Discussion

15:00 Closing

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