[lang_de]CfP: Ludotopia – Workshop at ITU Copenhagen, 27-29th May 2010[/lang_de][lang_en]CfP: Ludotopia – Workshop at ITU Copenhagen, 27-29th May 2010[/lang_en]

CfP: Ludotopia – Workshop on Spaces, Places and Territories in Computer Games at the IT-University Copenhagen, 27-29th May 2010

CfP Ludotopia as pdf

[only English version available]

The Center for Computer Games Research of the IT-University of Copenhagen and the Digital Games Research Center of the University of Potsdam hereby invite researchers and scholars from Game Studies, Media Studies, Cultural Studies and related fields to hand in proposals for the 1st Ludotopia-Workshop to be held in Copenhagen in May 2010.

The aim of the workshop is to evaluate current approaches to space in computer games as well as to discuss new ways of analyzing them. For this purpose papers will be selected and grouped in pairs. Contributors will then have to get in direct contact and prepare presentations on each other’s papers. These will then be discussed at the workshop.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:
– Presentation and perception of computer game-spaces
– Classification of computer game-spaces
– Site-specifity in computer games
– Function of maps in computer games

Abstracts of 300-500 words are to be sent to ludotopia2010@googlemail.com by the 1st of March, clarifying the focus of the approach, the games to be analyzed and the related theories.

Also welcome are suggestions for work-units. Participants will be notified by the 15th of March. Working papers need to be exchanged between the participants by the 1st of May and reworked until the 15th of May.
The workshop is free of charge; participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and accommodation.

Center for Computer Games Research
IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
DK-2300 Copenhagen


Digital Games Research Center
University of Potsdam
Am Neuen Palais 10
D-14469 Potsdam


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